petra dawson piano studio
Students can look forward to:
  • How to get the most out of their practice time
  • Great solutions to solve    problem areas 
  • Lots of motivation using fun ideas like Teacher's Apple, Game Pak and Get out of Jail Free cards
  • A big, welcoming smile and a passion to teach!
petra_dawson ® ne albuquerque,
Parent's can look forward to:
  • Two recitals a year
  • Weekly assignment sheet
  • Open communication
  • Guidance for practicing techniques
  • Comprehensive curriculum   including monthly listening lab
Welcome adults and children of all levels!​

Adult Students!

Whether you've just started to play or you're wanting to get back those 
skills from your childhood, now is the time to start!  

ALL ADULTS will be given a lot of encouragement and taught how to tackle those tough problem areas.  Most of all, there will be laughter and a love of music learned at every lesson!  It's never too late - I've taught students from the 20's to the 70's. 

Learning the piano is an excellent workout for your brain and a great way to have fun!